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Jacksonville Senior Photographer // Scarlett Lillian Seniors: November 2008

Nov 30, 2008

My thoughts on Britney.

Love her or hate her, the girl is a genius at keeping her name in the news. Britney Spears definitely proves the theory that bad publicity is still good publicity. And unless you've been living in a cave, you know that her new "comeback" album is dropping Tuesday and her much anticipated tell-all documentary airs tonight on MTV. I will definitely be watching!

Personally, I love her.

Always have.

Not afraid to admit it.


As a Christian, I used to feel guilty admitting that, like it was taboo to say that. But I've finally learned to say whatever! Sure, I don't agree with everything that has gone down in her life. And I don't agree with some of the raunchy lyrics and dance moves she has. Ok, all of the raunchy lyrics and dance moves that she has. But as disastrous as her life has become, I can't help but feel sorry for her and root for her like an underdog and pray that she will one day use her spotlight for God's glory and goodness like I know is in her Southern Baptist roots.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I read her mom's book and was impressed how much she was vocal about her own walk with Christ and the strength she gained from Him to battle all the "storms" her family has been through. She's the first to admit, she nor her family are perfect, but how thankful she was for Jesus' continued grace. She also shared from the heart her personal prayers for her children. But of course, that's the part that was left out the press when buzz was generating about the book. Instead of course, the press nit picked about the dramas on their walk of fame. Oh how people are so quick to critique and judge a book by it's cover instead of looking for the best in someone and realizing we all have our different battles we struggle with.. spotlight or no spotlight. (A hard lesson I'm learning myself these days on the other side of this blogging world.)

For a laugh, on Britney's website, you can create these stinkin' funny videos casting yourself in a Britney video, so I couldn't help but upload a photo and star in "Lucky." (I chose that one b/c it's my mom's dog's name!) Click the image to go to my video, I couldn't embed the video itself here.


Nov 26, 2008

How Katie is spending her days...


I just got this sweet email from Katie who flew from Michigan to spend the day with me a few months ago. So excited to see how things have been taking off for her!!!

"Wow, so much has happened since we spent our day together! You really gave me the motivation I needed to take my photography to the next level! I'm definitely thankful for getting to spend a day with YOU this year!! It was awesome... you are really inspiring!! Since I met you I've stopped dipping my toe in the water and decided to jump in with both feet! I'm so happy about it too!!! I was afraid to put myself out there but now that I have, I've gotten a great response! I'm booking portrait sessions all the time and I even booked my first WEDDING for next year!!! I'm just going for it.

On a personal note, I even feel better about myself as a woman since I met you. I had been feeling like a fat ol'mom with two kids trying to chase this unattainable dream that was only meant for single and free women. But you are so empowered as a woman... it made me think I can do it... that nothing should hold anyone back. I can be fabulous and glamorous and successful just like I was BEFORE I had kids. After my two kids I let myself go. I gained weight, stopped taking care of me. But I've changed since our day together!! I'm losing weight and getting back into my cute clothes and wearing makeup and being the fabulous girl I used to be!! It's awesome.

Thank you so much for empowering me! Now I just wish I lived closer so I could have another photo shoot with you with my NEW look!!!!! :-)"

She recently launched a new website. I of course am biased and think she has the most fabulous bio pic. he he Go check it out!!

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Nov 25, 2008

Cara & Drew's album!

The most rewarding part of being a wedding photographer is giving each couple the gift of their wedding album when all is said and done. As an artist, it is fulfilling seeing the art I created coming together in one place to tell each couple's story, but for the couple, Cara couldn't have said it any better:


You are unbelievable! I just got done looking through our wedding album for like the 100th time since I've been home for like an hour. It is sooo incredible and I love it so much. It is like re-living each moment of our wedding every time you turn the page. You are the greatest and I am so glad you were such a huge part of our wedding day. Getting the album is kind of like coming full circle from the beginning of the entire planning process and I want you to know that you were one of the only things throughout the entire wedding planning that I WASN'T worried about. From day one you were so professional and understanding that I knew you were going to be a constant in my whirlwind of wedding planning. THANK YOU for that, from the bottom of my heart. Your wonderful Scarlett and we appreciate you so much.
Cara (and Drew too!)"

Sniff sniff. Her words above are why I do what I do. I feel so honored to serve in each couple's life through documenting their precious day and providing them their beautiful keepsake coffee table album.

Here's a few pics I grabbed of their album before I shipped it off and their album design below!

And the slideshow....


Nov 24, 2008

Video Interview on Photographymentor.com

Last week, I had an amazing live video chat with a ton of other photographers on photographymentor.com. I had so much fun answering everyone's questions! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and hung out in the chat room with me.

The live chat was part of the launch for my new interview and photoshoot they filmed of me shooting in action for Danielle & Jay's engagement session in South Florida a few months ago. It was a great honor to participate and I hope you guys get a lot out of it! For the 4-part interview series, Robert Evans and I sat down and enjoyed a long chat over coffee discussing lots of juicy details! Go check it out in the exclusive school part of the website!

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Nov 21, 2008

Angelique & Matt are married!

"Will you PLEASE be my photographer?" Angelique asked the first time I spoke with her on the phone.

Yes, that's what every photographer wants to hear, but honestly, I felt like the question should have been in reverse after talking to her and hearing the reason why her wedding had to be pushed up from next year to suddenly the next few months.

It broke my heart to hear that she too was going through the same thing I was going through as a daughter. Both of our fathers are battling lung cancer.

I knew this was a wedding I had to shoot. I knew it would be a wedding that went beyond the love between a bride and groom, and the glitz and the glam. Yes, it would be a celebration, but celebrating for different reasons. It would be celebrating loved ones and that precious time we still have with them. And though I cried behind the camera through every minute of the father/daughter dance, I was so happy for Angelique that her father was still here to dance with. It's moments like that I feel so privileged that God uses me to document those vulnerable memories for others.

The rest of the day turned out beautiful and I was excited to shoot my first Greek wedding! Angelique and Matt share such a sweet love and have a lot of teasing fun together! In observing the way they look at each other, you can easily see and understand how God perfectly made them for each other.

Angelique picked such great venues and vendors! Check them out:

Getting ready: Omni Hotel
Church: St. John The Divine
Reception: The Cummer Art Gallery
Flowers: Riverside Event Design
Caterer: Matthew's Restaurant
DJ: DJ Connection
Wedding Planner: Heather Trimboli of First Coast Weddings
Make-up: Kimtasha
Cake: Etiquette of Chocolate

Here are my favorites from the day and their slideshow at the end! Opa!

I love this shot of the first time her dad saw her in her dress!

Such a supermodel!

I thought this was an awesome idea to have her bridesmaids sign her wedding shoes!

You can tell where Angelique gets her BIG smile from!

Such divas!

They wanted to recreate The Beatles shot!

Lots of great details!

The teary eyed Father/Daughter Dance. I love how tight Angelique is holding her father. I know the feeling of not wanting to let go.

Time for fun! And of course I adored Angelique's pink shoes for the reception!

Some last minute passion before heading out for the night!

Ring shot from Matt's groom cake.

And the slideshow....


Nov 20, 2008

Modern Photographers!

I was excited to recently be chosen as a one of few photographers selected in Florida to be featured on ModernPhotographers.com! It's a new photography directory for brides distinguishing a network of creative professionals started by the awesome people of TrashTheDress.com, where my work was featured last year. They are still in the beginning phases of creating the site, but I can't wait to see the great things in store through photo competitions, retreats, workshops, and more marketing for us all on the world wide web! If you are another photographer, check it out so you can get in the ground floor as a founding member!


Nov 19, 2008

LIVE Video Chat with Moi TONIGHT at 9PM EST!

I would love for YOU to join me on photographymentor.com at 9pm EST.

I was asked to participate in a Live Video Chat where you can ask me anything you want in the chat room, and I will be answering it streaming live on the spot.

Whether you are another photographer, a bride, or a friend, it's free and open to everyone! I look forward to chatting with you in there!

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Nov 18, 2008

A few random TEASERS!

Whew... so busy shooting lately.. which of course means I'm behind on editing...I know I should outsource it, but editing is where I feel like the artist, and I just can't let go of that part of my business!

Anyways... here's a few teasers!

Jenny was the latest to spend a day with me, and in exchange for her headshots I usually take to start the day, she asked to get a few family portraits for Christmas cards. I adored this one of her and her children!

For our photoshoot together, we used my fabulous couple Danielle and Jay as the models for the engagement session. They're so cute!

And yesterday I had fun trashing Rachel's dress! I love how composed and fierce she still looks while standing in the fountains! Tyra would be proud.

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Nov 17, 2008

Shayla & Kyle are engaged!

If there is one word I could use to describe Shayla, it's STYLE! From her Burberry stilettos to the velvet hot pink wallpaper adorning her living room walls to the zebra stair rug... and the list goes on. In fact, Shayla was just featured in Orlando Style magazine for all of the above! As I mentioned in the recent teaser, sweet Shayla is planning a stylish hot pink and black and white wedding to the man of her dreams, Major League Baseball player Kyle Farnsworth. I so can't wait to shoot their gorgeous Savannah wedding next month!

With how fabulous Shayla's interior design skills are, there couldn't have been a better backdrop for photos than their own home, so we stayed around there for the engagement session followed by a family session with their three kids. Kyle talks in this NY Daily News article about how in between traveling for games, he loves simply being home baking cookies with the kids, so we shot some fun photos of them doing exactly that!

Here's some of my favorites and the slideshow at the end!

Shayla's shoe closet to die for!

For photographers, these closet shots were using my new Ring Flash!

I couldn't help but laugh at how cute their dog was just chilling on the pink chaise.

Shayla's beautiful daughter, Taylor. Such gorgeous eyes!

And her brother Hunter. What a cool haircut huh?

And the baby of the family, Stone. The curls are so precious!

Cookie baking time!

Like father like son!

I of course adored Taylor's hot pink Betsey Johnson dress.

Happy family!

For the slideshow song, I couldn't resist using Fergie's "Clumsy." Poor Shayla, all through the shoot, she kept banging her head against things, falling over, and then in the end accidentally stepped on Kyle's toes with her Burberry stilettos! OUCH! But further, I thought Shayla looked so much like Fergie, that I knew this song would be perfect!

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