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UPDATE: I'm now documenting Jacksonville high school senior portraits.
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Jacksonville Senior Photographer // Scarlett Lillian Seniors: September 2007

Sep 25, 2007

Debbine: A glamorous bride

"She can't be a real bride, is she a model?" everyone asked us on the streets.

"She's a real bride! She just got married earlier this month," I would tell the passerby's.

"Reallly? Well, she could be a model, she's gorgeous! Congratulations!"

If I had a dollar for everytime we heard that during Debbine's Bridal-Glam-Turned-Trash-the-Dress session.

I have to admit, I'm very blessed to get absolutely stunning brides that do look like models. But I think the best supermodel of the day was her oh-so-cute pup, Riley, who was even decked out in his own tuxedo!

Debbine wasn't originally going to trash her dress, but she could't resist in the end since we were already so close to the beach for her glam photos. Even though, she pretty much got it trashy from the start in the smokey bar crawling all over pool tables!

I get so excited about the glam sessions! I'm obsessed with fashion magazines and America's Next Top Model, so it's always fun as a photographer when I can play dress up with the brides after the wedding to get those hot fashionista shots and let them work it for the camera as America's next top bride.

Here's my faves and you MUST watch the full slideshow at the end. Debbine truly put the glam in GLAMorous!

Of course I had to do the doggy feet shot. :-)

Riley was also joined by his friend Bailey, who was the pup of Debbine's Maid of Honor, Reshan.

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Sep 21, 2007

I found that something more.

Tonight, I had one of those surreal moments when everything you have been working so hard for all fast forwards from beginning to the present moment in less than a second.

I went to my favorite grocery store, Publix. (Seriously, like a mecca of grocery stores) I've been going to this one particular Publix since the day I moved into my condo a few years ago. To this day I remember my first few trips to the grocery store and how they were so theraputic for me. I had just moved out of my parents house, and something about buying my own groceries felt so "big girl" to me. However, I was in that phase in life so confused on what direction to take in my career. Not only had I just moved out of my parents, I had just broken up with the guy I thought I was going to marry, and I had just quit my nice corporate job that I had got comfortable with the secure biweekly paychecks. It was a big risk and everyone thought I was crazy to give up such a great job. But like my theme song of the moment said by Sugarland:

There's gotta be something more
Gotta be more than this
I need a little less hard times
I need a little more bliss
I'm gonna take my chances
Taking a chance I might
About what I'm looking for
There's gotta be something more

And I was determined to find it while I was still young and able to. I was definitely having a mid 20s life crisis.

Who was Scarlett Lillian? What was her calling in life? What was she meant to pursue career wise? What were her passions? Who was she really supposed to marry if not the past two guys she had thought were the ones?

I'm still waiting for God to reveal the answer to the last one, but it's so amazing to be in a place of peace now all this time later knowing the other answers.

Scarlett Lillian is a photographer.

Whew. No more wondering, no more searching to find myself, no more career A.D.D. jumping around to different jobs trying to figure out what is best for me. I know now in the depths of my heart that photography is my calling and I truly love every minute of it.

So back to yesterday. I was in my Publix at the checkout line and who do I see on the cover of the new People magazine but Jenny McCarthy.

"Ha, there's Jenny, still got the same hairdo from when I photographed her a few months ago," I thought to myself so casually.

Then I kind of stopped and looked around for a second thinking "Wow, I remember the days when I used to walk around this grocery store so clueless about who I was and what I wanted out of life and now here I am in the same grocery just a few years later having already photographed the person that is currently on the cover of frickin' PEOPLE MAGAZINE!"

It was just one of those moments when you can look back at your life and realize how far you have come. In your career. As a person. As the woman God has created you to be. And it's awesome to be in that phase in life where I can look back and also see the many seeds of faith I planted now growing into a harvest of God's blessings.

As I flipped through the magazine while my check out girl was ringing me up, she asked, "Are you going to get that magazine, too?"

"Nah," I said and put it back on the shelf. Then thinking to myself, "I don't need the mag, I already have a ton of photos I took of Jenny myself."

Click here to view the entry from my old blog to see some of the photos I shot of her. It's so refreshing to see a celebrity use her spotlight for something positive in this crazy day and age of rehab, jail and partying. Go Jenny! I know many mothers applaud you for your efforts!


Sep 20, 2007

Introducing www.ScarlettLillian.com!

It's live! My new website is finally up! Woo hoo! I invite you to check it out at www.scarlettlillian.com. I'd love to hear all of your feedback. Also too, let me know if you experience any glitches with your browsers or what not.

A big shout out and THANK YOU to Ross Tanner and the amazing guys at Flosites.com for the beautiful job they did taking my vision and creating the website of my dreams. Not only are they talented at web design, their personal customer service totally exceeded my expectations as they truly aim to please in all they do. If you are a photographer looking for a new website, I highly recommend Flosites! Also, a lot of you have been asking me who did my blog and branding. I actually did it all myself (thanks to the knowledge from my former graphic design days), but Flosites does custom blogs too, as well as offering a lot of other branding services. Check them out for sure!



Sep 19, 2007

Website launch TOMORROW!

It's almost here! I'm excited to announce that TOMORROW is the big day for my brand new website launch! Woo hoo! Though the blog was ready early, the perfectionist in me has been working day and night with my designers to put the finishing touches on my actual portfolio website, and I can't wait to unveil it tomorrow to all of you!

This time I went with a custom site and it's so thrilling to see a little vision I had in my head earlier this year now finally come alive and flashy. I've discovered a hot new web design company with the most amazing customer service and I can't wait to send you their way! More details tomorrow!!


Sep 18, 2007

An email to God.

Jesus answered him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God." ~ John 3:3

Dear Lord,

Thirteen years ago, you gave me the greatest gift of all. You baptized me in Your holy water, washing me clean and giving birth to a new life ahead. Though at the time I didn't exactly understand the point of it all as a young 14-year-old, I thank you for opening my eyes later in college to understand the depths of Your love as personal, relevant and intimate. We have been on quite the exciting journey together as I've struggled to do things my own way, find joys in other idols of this world, and ultimately come back to You time and time again asking for forgiveness in the times I've gone astray. Thank You for the grace to always take me back as I also learn about the grace to forgive others as well. I continue to grow in Your peace and learn the beauty of serving others, but in all the ways I'm not perfect, You are. In all the ways I am weak, You are strong.

As we celebrate my baptism birthday today, I pray that You will continue to use my gifts You have given me to make a difference in the lives I come across daily as we continue to walk hand in hand down this beautiful path You are leading me down. May I always trust that You provide just enough light for each step I'm on. Thank you for being my Father of protection and guidance, my Lover of romancing my heart, my King Who rules over all the heavens and earth, and my Best Friend in Who all I confide and share joy with. Here's to many more fabulous years ahead with You!

With all my heart,


Sep 17, 2007

Girls just wanna have fun!

Sometimes I like to sit and think of what I’d like to be
I know I like to sing and dance, so what is best for me?
I couldn’t be a doctor, because doctor’s never sing
And nurses aren’t allowed to dance
And I couldn’t be a king
So I guess there’s only one thing left
I guess I’ll be a star
Where I can sing and dance all day
Be rich and buy a car.

~The first poem I ever wrote in 2nd grade

Before I was behind a camera, I was in front of one. Many moons ago, I was that little girl who dreamed of being a supermodel. Cindy Crawford was my idol in the ‘80s and I would walk around the house in my mom’s high heels as if life were my personal run way.

In middle school, my mom signed up me for up local modeling classes, but other than a few portfolio pieces, nothing ever came of it and I buried my dream of becoming a supermodel. It wasn’t until last year when a group of photographer friends asked me to model for a photoshoot that it really sparked my interest in photography. I had always had a passion for observing great photography and documenting life through my little point and shoot cameras, but I never took it seriously until I was put in front of the camera again all these years later and suddenly, I realized, I didn’t want to be in front of a camera, I wanted to be behind it and learn how to create amazing photography too.

I definitely still love to have fun in front of the camera, but more so how it reminds me of the fear and vulnerability that my clients go through when suddenly being put on the spot to perform. And I think that’s why I like to model, because deep down, it scares me to death, and I love the challenge of overcoming that fear. But it also helps me to relate to each new person that comes in front of my camera and be a better director now as a photographer.

And one of my greatest passions now as a photographer is helping other girls, women and brides realize how truly beautiful they are through my camera. I love being able to help others embrace their inner diva and give them permission to be that supermodel for a day that I know deep down they used to dream of as a little girl too.

I had the honor of having the beautiful Amy Wenzel come down from Michigan to also take some photos of me for my new branding as you can see in my blog header above of the rockstar job she did. Though this was the first time we had met, we had bonded over email earlier this year when we discovered each other’s work and our obsession with popping colors in our photography. We had so much fun just being girly experimenting with our new 5Ds and transitioning from supermodel to photographer with each other. Below is a fun behind the scenes video I put together of my photoshoot.

Enjoy the video! (It might take a minute to load...)

And lastly, a fun old school Polaroid of Amy and I from her vintage camera she brought along!

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Sep 14, 2007

Congratulations Tara & Robbie!

Tara and Robbie had a very culturally diverse wedding....

Tara grew up in Colorado.

Robbie grew up in Ireland.

They met in New York City.

They had a Southern wedding in Jekyll Island, Georgia.

And they did the Tango for their first dance.

All in all, nothing was short of spectacular for their grand celebration at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. From her gorgeous Reem Acra wedding gown, to the Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses, to ending the night with a bang with a full fledge firework show, Tara and Robbie share a love that is just as sizzling passionate.

A very special part of their intimate gathering included Robbie's 90-year-old grandmother who flew all the way from Ireland to be there for her grandson's special day. And she even brought a signature Irish Tara namesake broach that Tara wore on her dress for special keepsake.

For those that remember the famous dog and feet shot from their engagement photos on my old blog, this was the wedding for that couple. Abigail, the dog, was the honorary flower girl.

Below are my favorite photos of their day and their slideshow at the end.

Tara's wedding gown was by one of my favorite designers, Reem Acra

Tara's gorgeous 5 karat ring.

Robbie's 90-year-old Grandmother all the way from Ireland for their special day.

So stunning!

Taking a smoke break. But I love this shot because it reminds me of an old 1920s photo or something.

You couldn't have asked for more gorgeous lighting to highlight their love following their ceremony.

I was in love with Tara's long windswept Cathedral veil!

I loved the flowers circling this cake. Floral arrangements for the wedding by Rosalee's Flowery.

Ending the Tango first dance on a kiss!

My favorite shot of the night!

A special thanks to my second shooter and friend, Katie Thurmes, of Jenna Walker Photography, who flew from Denver, Colorado (and also Tara's hometown) to shoot this wedding with me.

And lastly, a diva-liscious thanks to Terrica of Once Upon Your Wedding who referred Tara and Robbie to me. Terrica and I had met over a year ago and hit it off from the start as one wedding diva to another. This was the first wedding we got to work together and it was awesome to be in such beautiful company with her throughout the day. I thought we had a picture together at some point during the night, but I can't seem to find it. I'm bummed!

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